May 2019

Thanks for your inquiry regarding scuba classes with Seaview Scuba Dive Center.

Our PADI Open Water Scuba Classes start every 3-4 weeks. You can also see the schedule at

The cost for the class is $425.00 and covers everything the student needs, except personal gear.

If you would like to do the classroom sessions independently, PADI now offers an E-Learning online course.  If you complete this online program, you only need to attend the pool and ocean training sessions with Seaview Scuba.

There is a split in the payment options for the on-line program.  You must pay for the on-line portion and pay for the pool and ocean sessions with Seaview Scuba. 


May, 2019 Schedule


May 19th, 2019              Confined water session #1                                                                          Time: 10-1 pm

                                                                                                     Location: Survival Systems

May 26th, 2019                     Confined water session #2                                                                     Time 10-1 pm

                                                                                                     Location: Survival Systems    

Open Water Dives:

After the completion of the academic and confined water requirements, the student is ready for the required four open water dives.   We will schedule these dives individually, with each student during the orientation session.

Please e-mail  with any questions or to sign up!